Bavabici is no more

It’s time to say goodbye. Although I have represented and imported amazing brands in Sweden too many low price chains, cheap internet stores and bigger shop/web shop in Stockholm have killed me. I sell too little and I have too close. It’s sad but I am tired to try to tell people that life is too short to ride shit bikes and cheap is not always best. Bavabici webshop will close end of the year. If you are a shop and interested in buying what’s left in stock (everything, I want to sell in one block) please PM me. I will still be distributor for some of my brands and that means I will only sell to shops. It has been fun but also a long struggling. I thank all my “fans” and friends that have supported me during this years. Bavabici is no more. #iamdone

Midsummer and closing

After one month in Portland where the bike scene really rocks i feel that i need to think and that’s why bavabici webshop will be close probably until mid july. I will open then again and have the biggest sale you have seen at bavabici. I have been trying hard the last few years but as people always chose the cheapest online and the well known brands and i still can’t live on what i do even if i do it well and i have the best brands ever i need to reconsider, think and find a way not to kill bavabici. So for the time being if you need anything you can contact me by mail at

Have a nice midsummer, bavabici

Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer!

The Oregon Dunes

So the big day arrived and Jocelyn from PDW came to pick me up in the worst rain ever. With a car full of stash, 2 bikes and 3 girls we headed down to the Oregon Dunes and the weather got worst all the time.

Once at the campground we joined a bunch of rad ladies and dudes and we started making ourselves comfortable in our yurts (wikipedia: A yurt is a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their home)

As we started drinking beer and the last people who were supposed to arrive arrived the weather got better and when Donnie Kolb from Velodirt suggested a night ride we just jumped on our fleet #fatbacksbikeak and a couple of #on-ones. With PDW Lars Rover on almost all bikes we could see quite well and the night ride was an experience that will stay with me for a long time!

The weather changed and we stayed on the Dunes for 3 more days, heading home monday to leave back the Fatbacks bike in Bends.

The ladies were amazing and i would like to thanks Jocelyn and Hazel from PDW for organizing this awesome trip. I finally met all these rad people i have been talking to since the Oregon Outback and made new friends.

Adam Newman from Dirt Rag was there and made a gallery online for Bicycle Times that you can see here.

My pictures are not as good but you can see them on
If you plan a trip there or you would just like to talk about fat bikes i will be happy to tell you more!

Six days left in Portland OR.


The Oregon Dunes

Off to L’Eroica

So now the popup store is closed for this time and I need some time on a bike so I will leave tomorrow for L’Eroica, as it says on their website “This isn’t just a race, it’s the Woodstock of vintage cycling” so I hope to see lots of nice bikes, maybe get my hands on some hot vintage stuff to the webstore and yes ride and have fun! It’s an old dream of mine as I am born in Pistoia (near Florens) but I have never been riding in Italy so BAVABCI goes back to the roots for some inspiration!

The webstore is of course open but the packages will not go same day or day after as usual it will take a little bit longer, but of course my helper will do anything he can to send out the orders quick!

I will answer emails as always and I promise you lots of great pictures on facebook, instagram, tumblr and Pintarest, your choice!

L'Eroica 2013  Gaiole in Chianti

L’Eroica 2013 Gaiole in Chianti

BAVABICI Xmas Special

BAVABICI Xmas Special

From the first of December to the 20th of December it’s free shipping (only Sweden) and free returns until the 15th of January 2013.

If you write that it is a present we pack it in as a present and send you the receipt by email only.
Every package will also get free stickers.

BAVABICI wish you merry xmas!

BAVABICI wish you merry xmas!