BAVABICI closed 16/12 to 5/2

Please notice that the webshop is closed (due to my trip to Portland) during period 16th December 2016 to 5th February 2017

No orders will be shipped during this period but i will answer all emails and if you order something i will refund you the money (unless you want to book an item and you are ok that i ship it when i get back.

Happy holiday to you all, see you next year!

BTW if you wanna see what i am up to in Portland follow BAVABICI on Instagram! And if you are looking for something special from Chris King let me know and i will take it back to Sweden.



Fall holiday time

And i am taking a smal trip to Italy so no shipping or pick up from today saturday 24th of october until next friday 30th of october. All orders that will arrive during this period will be shipped on friday. Happy fall everybody!

Merry Christmas! Closed 23-26/12

So it’s Christmas again, i’m not a big fan so I will hide myself in some forest with a fire and that’s why i won’t be able to ship for 3 days, just for your information, it won’t make a big difference the post office is closed anyway. So i take my chance to wish you all a merry Christmas, Bavabici is now at the end of the 4th year, i am so proud of representing so many awesome brands and to be part of the small busines family. We must fight harder and harder to survive the big chain, big companies but thanks to you guys we are still here!
I wish myself and you all a lot of rad riding time in 2015!

Merry Chris King!

Merry Chris King!

Midsummer closed

Bavabici will be closed 18-25 of june this means that all orders online before 12 am on the 18th will be shipped same day but after that they will be shipped out on the 26th.
Emails will be answered as usual just a little bit slower.

Happy midsummer everybody, Simona Bava(bici)

No bikes on swedish trains, embarrassing.

No bikes on swedish trains, embarrassing.