Time fly and soon is …

Xmas time! i know what you are thinking: “oh come on it’s far away” well you know how fast it goes and what about trying to keep those promises you made last year about NOT doing presents at the last minute? you can still buy a lot of sales item, some of them perfect Xmas presents. Check the SALE category and the SUPER SALE category to find many surprises for the bike nerd near you (or yourself). The website looks a little bit different now that’s why the sales are still on. I want to concentrate on the brands that you find only at Bavabici and to be able to keep a bigger stock of those brands i had to cut down on other brands but you can still find them in other shops in Stockholm. I just want to be able to offer a bigger image of the brands that i carry and support.

So check the new category system and let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

As many knows already i have decided to go back to school this year so i study Fine Woodworking at Sankt Eriks Gymnasium right now, full-time. This means a little bit less time for Bavabici but it doesn’t mean i am closing or anything like that. I will though be away for different reasons now and then. My daughter that was helping me before is now living in Denmark so when i am out of town the shop is closed.

Next week 20/11 to 29/11 there will be no pick up or shipping and all Xmas orders must come in before the 18th of december after that i will not be able to ship until beginning of 2016.

Then i will be in Portland doing my internship for school. And one of the place i will be as an intern is the amazing Sykkes Wood Fenders in Portland, i’m so excited! So 18/12 to 06/01 there will be no shipping or pick up, after that i will have an assistent to ship until i come back in february. I will still be able to answer all emails so don’t hesitate to contact me, bike related questions are still my priority!



Fall holiday time

And i am taking a smal trip to Italy so no shipping or pick up from today saturday 24th of october until next friday 30th of october. All orders that will arrive during this period will be shipped on friday. Happy fall everybody!

Back in stock and new stuff!

Yeah, finally a lot of items from PDW and Snow Peak that have been out of stock are back, check out all the new stuff on shop.bavabici.com and remember Bavabici have a small stock so if you see something buy it now before it’s gone. Also, I go to school full time nowadays so i’m not here all the time. There will be a week stop shipping/stop pick up end of october and end of november and then the shop will be closed for Christmas and the whole january ( i will do my woodworking apprentice time in … guess? Portland!!!) so do your christmas shopping now to be sure to get what you want and also so you don’t stress at the last minute!


519_web (1)

PDW The Owl Bottle Cage

Crash Sales

I crash you get the sales! 10% on the whole webstore (yes that means 35% on Cinelli and so on) I am also working out so there are less category and easy to use. The price you see is what you pay, if you write CRASHSALE at checkout you get 10% more discount. If you can buy something i have it in stock. Of course sometimes it can happen that there is something missing but i just did inventory and that should work. I do not make any custom orders right now, but if you need something from Chris King, White Industries, Porcelain Rocket or PDW let me know and i will let you know when i can get it. Now, get there and crash it!

Happy Crash Sale!

Happy Crash Sale!

Bad news good news

Bad news are i crashed with my bike thursday last week and i am kind of smashed. Good news are i can’t go anywhere so just give me a call if you need to buy anything i will be here.
Monday morning i will see a doctor but mostly i will be here. So don’t stop checking out sales I am here ;) 10% extra crash sale on Super Sale, it will show in the cashier. Remeber you can buy from one sale category at the time, the Tictail system can only give one discount at the time so if you want something from the Super Sale AND something from Cinelli 25% or Sale 40% please make 2 orders. There is a special shipping option for the second order so you won’t pay double! I’m here so email if you have any questions! Be careful out there and always wear an helmet!

Happy to be alive!

Happy to be alive!

Problems with discounts in the webstore?

“Please note that your customers only can use ONE discount per order and will not be able to combine two or more. This applies for both promo codes and automatically deducted discounts in the checkout.” from the Tictail​ website so if you buy from two different discount category only one applies, this doesn”t happen with the Super Sale as the price shown is final but if you want to buy from Sale 40% AND Sale 20% or Cinelli 25% you will have to make different orders. Of course you apply only one shipping and choose free shipping on the other order. Questions? call me at 073 183 3737!


New category, super sale! Final price no returns last chance. New items with 40% and 20% discount too, almost all Cinelli 25% or more. New discounted item almost everyday so check it out frequently! Note: i will not restock most of the brands so the sales are until stock lasts. I do not even do any customer order anymore as it turns out i loose anytime i do them.


But I will continue to represent and sell my beloved brands:

Chris King
White Industries
Porcelain Rocket

I will also still represent Mission Workshop but i won’t sell online anymore, please contact info@bavabici.com if you want to buy Mission Workshop and i will let you know where to find it.

I will also have a big garage sale here at the HQ soon so stay tuned!


Up and running

So the webstore is open again and so it will be for a while but if there is something you really want make sure you grab it as i am not restocking for a while and i am not taking custom orders right now except for Chris King, White Industries and Porcelain Rocket. Please contact info@bavabici.com if you have any question!