New category, super sale! Final price no returns last chance. New items with 40% and 20% discount too, almost all Cinelli 25% or more. New discounted item almost everyday so check it out frequently! Note: i will not restock most of the brands so the sales are until stock lasts. I do not even do any customer order anymore as it turns out i loose anytime i do them.


But I will continue to represent and sell my beloved brands:

Chris King
White Industries
Porcelain Rocket

I will also still represent Mission Workshop but i won’t sell online anymore, please contact if you want to buy Mission Workshop and i will let you know where to find it.

I will also have a big garage sale here at the HQ soon so stay tuned!


Up and running

So the webstore is open again and so it will be for a while but if there is something you really want make sure you grab it as i am not restocking for a while and i am not taking custom orders right now except for Chris King, White Industries and Porcelain Rocket. Please contact if you have any question!

Midsummer and closing

After one month in Portland where the bike scene really rocks i feel that i need to think and that’s why bavabici webshop will be close probably until mid july. I will open then again and have the biggest sale you have seen at bavabici. I have been trying hard the last few years but as people always chose the cheapest online and the well known brands and i still can’t live on what i do even if i do it well and i have the best brands ever i need to reconsider, think and find a way not to kill bavabici. So for the time being if you need anything you can contact me by mail at

Have a nice midsummer, bavabici

Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer!

Portland again

Bavabici will be in Portland 19th may to 19th june so there will not be a possibility to pick up in Hammarbyhöjden. You will still be able to buy and if you can buy it it is in stock. I will still answer emails but not phone calls and shipping will be a little bit slower as my assistent has another jobb too. But i will check and test new products and you will get a flow of interesting bike stuff probably daily on instagram. So if you need anything quick you have a week to get it, and this coming weekend i will be working in a shop in town so you can pick up at the shop (in the south you will get the adress when i get the order) or in Hammarbyhöjden, last day for pick up sunday evening.

Ruckus Composites Portland OR

Ruckus Composites Portland OR

DZR shoes now only at Bonne Mecanique

I have been representing DZR for a long time but not having a bread and mortar shop has made it difficult for me with sizes and lots of shoes have been traveling back and forth. So from today you can try your shoes on at Bonne Mecanique i Stockholm and you will have a wide choice of modells and sizes. For more informations please contact