So even this year Eurobike has come to an end. Four crazy days with bikes bikes bikes, meetings, new faces, old faces, new products and old ones.

As far as i could see the biggest trend is e-bikes, nowadays you can buy parts från Shimano for your e-bike, special helmets, e-mtb and even e-fatbike! I don’t want to say if it’s good or not but it’s a fact that e-bikes are taking a big chunk in the bike world. The other two trends that i could see where more and more fat bikes and more and more adventure bikes, bags and racks.

Of course i visited my brands and saw a lot of nice Chris King hubs and headsets and a lot of shining product from White Industries. But i also checked upp new interesting brands: Findra, Effetto Mariposa Selle Italia brand new saddle Net, Palomar new bottle and some more. You will see some of them in the webshop soon. For more info and pictures check my Instagram.

Santa Cruz showed outstandig bikes as always, at the Enve booth you could see two amazing V10 and even a special Vanilla bike made for the Chris King 40th anniversary. I was disappointed by Giro that last year had a great collection. When i asked if they had changed the designer they told me that they want to concentrate on more technical clothing. Boring. Nothing really innovative.

POC showed some very interesting prototype of a coming commuter collection. Keep an eye on POC beginning of fall.

Probably the best news is that Bavabici will be able to sell Surly again! It’s gonna take a little bit of time before everything is fixed but soon i will be able to offer Surly again.


Back in business!

So BAVABICI online shop is open again after a short summer break and all orders will be shipped as soon as possible. Most of you are still on vacation and i wish you nice weather and lots of riding!

So what’s going on in the bike world?

The ECMC 2016 just ended in Copenhagen. Our Niklas Barklund got a 9th position and we wish him the best inWCMC in Paris quite soon. Happy to see a lot of girls from Stockholm too. The famous group Cats Sthlm was represented and a new group ladies Cats Göteborg just started.


The famous Sveriges Tempo has reached  international status as a 3 persons team joined and The Radavist plus Ertzui Films followed them trough the whole ride. Erik Nohlin (originally swedish but living in SF, USA and working for Specialized) teamed up with an american girl and another swedish guy. To read the whole story head to The Radavist. Maybe you get inspiration for next year competition!

Tour de France. You followed on TV so i don’t need to say much just that for 5 years in a row the winner is riding Chris King R45 hub on his bike. Hint.

The Transcontinental Race see a very well known Stockholm profile in the bike world Max and his friend Adam are doing it, quite impressive i would say! if you want to follow their ride you can follow them on the Transcontinental web page. They use a tracker rental but you can also follow them on instagram their tag is #TSRNo4P211 #tsrno4p211 i don’t think capitals matter but just in case.

Coming soon: EUROBIKE!

If you want to see a lot of pictures of the upcoming new things in the bike world you can follow Bavabici on Instagram and facebook for daily updates.



No pick up in Hammarbyhöjden for a while!

So for a while you will not be able to pick up i am sorry. But it has been difficult for me to make it work now when i am in school all day as when i come back i have a lot of things to do (like orders, invoices and such) and i work on weekends in a shop in Södermalm so yes i do have only 24 hours so it doesn’t work anymore. If there is something that you really need to see and try on you can reach me vis and we will try to find a time to book that fits both you and me. Sorry about this but as i said it doesn’t work right now. I hope it’s not a big problem for anybody.


2016 started with me leaving for Portland again. This time it wasn’t about bikes. I did my internship in woodworking but of course i rode bikes too. And i visited Chris King and PDW of course. And i had fun. A lot of fun! But now i am here again! and after an article about Bavabici in Bicycling USA march issue today Bicycling Sweden was here to take pictures and make a reportage,

What would you like to see in the webshop? do you miss something?shall i concentrate about keeping more stock of few brands? spring will be here soon and all i want is to go camping with my bike! watch out for more Porcelain Rocket in the webshop.


Heads up! Last chance to order before Christmas!

Only one week left to buy some really nice presents and stock filler for the bike addicted around you. I will leave town on the 19 early so last chans to get your package is to order before 12 AM on friday the 18th. After that all orders will be shipped after the first of januari and during januari i will have an assistent that will send all orders once a week until i come back from Portland second week in february.

So take your chans now and buy something really special, something that will last more then Christmas eve. There are still a lot of Cinelli t-shirts and Chris King coffe cup and pint glas and reflective socks and Tour de France panties and lots more  and more and everything is on sale!

Lucetta lamps only 180 sek, the best merino wool underpants for the ladies only 640 sek, reflective bags from Switzerland 600 sek, lots of other ideas in the webshop, check it up and remember last week to order so you get it before Christmas!

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