DZR shoes now only at Bonne Mecanique

I have been representing DZR for a long time but not having a bread and mortar shop has made it difficult for me with sizes and lots of shoes have been traveling back and forth. So from today you can try your shoes on at Bonne Mecanique i Stockholm and you will have a wide choice of modells and sizes. For more informations please contact

Merry Christmas! Closed 23-26/12

So it’s Christmas again, i’m not a big fan so I will hide myself in some forest with a fire and that’s why i won’t be able to ship for 3 days, just for your information, it won’t make a big difference the post office is closed anyway. So i take my chance to wish you all a merry Christmas, Bavabici is now at the end of the 4th year, i am so proud of representing so many awesome brands and to be part of the small busines family. We must fight harder and harder to survive the big chain, big companies but thanks to you guys we are still here!
I wish myself and you all a lot of rad riding time in 2015!

Merry Chris King!

Merry Chris King!

Back in town

So now i am back and Christmas is soon. I am making a list of suggestions that will be online soon and i also offer free shipping until the 20th of december. You always have 14 days when you order online to return or change your orders but for Christmas we will postpone that so you get 30 days free return.We offer also ready to give presents. Just write a note when you order and we will make a nice package that you can give away or put under the Christmas tree. You have some days left don’t wait until the last minute! of course you can come and pick up as always but you need to book as i will be very busy going to post office and such!

Merry Christmas from BAVABICI!

Merry Christmas from BAVABICI!

The Oregon Dunes

So the big day arrived and Jocelyn from PDW came to pick me up in the worst rain ever. With a car full of stash, 2 bikes and 3 girls we headed down to the Oregon Dunes and the weather got worst all the time.

Once at the campground we joined a bunch of rad ladies and dudes and we started making ourselves comfortable in our yurts (wikipedia: A yurt is a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their home)

As we started drinking beer and the last people who were supposed to arrive arrived the weather got better and when Donnie Kolb from Velodirt suggested a night ride we just jumped on our fleet #fatbacksbikeak and a couple of #on-ones. With PDW Lars Rover on almost all bikes we could see quite well and the night ride was an experience that will stay with me for a long time!

The weather changed and we stayed on the Dunes for 3 more days, heading home monday to leave back the Fatbacks bike in Bends.

The ladies were amazing and i would like to thanks Jocelyn and Hazel from PDW for organizing this awesome trip. I finally met all these rad people i have been talking to since the Oregon Outback and made new friends.

Adam Newman from Dirt Rag was there and made a gallery online for Bicycle Times that you can see here.

My pictures are not as good but you can see them on
If you plan a trip there or you would just like to talk about fat bikes i will be happy to tell you more!

Six days left in Portland OR.


The Oregon Dunes

Long time no news

It’s not true, there are a lot o news i just forget to write here and keep updating Facebook and Instagram instaed. I apologize to all of you not giving a damn for social media.
Biggest news is Surly in da house. You can order all of the Surly range from Bavabici right now, i stock a little bit but i can order anything you need. I am also helping with some sponsor two amazing persons that will make the dream trip: 3,5 years around the world on two Surly bike, check their adventures here

At the moment i am in Portland and pick up ideas, ride bikes, meet people and collect energy for next year.
You can see a lot of pictures from the amazing bike world of Portland on my facebook and instagram if you are interested, i believe you do not need an account as mine it’s an open one.

Next weekend will take me to the Dunes Forest south of Portland for a 3-days fat bike ride. My first time on a fat bike so i am very excited.

Ruckus Composites Portland OR

Ruckus Composites Portland OR

Bavabici on CycleExif

CycleExif is Adam Leddin in Sidney Australia. He runs one of the coolest bikeblog out there. A friend of him Matt Leasegang, also australian) came to visit Sweden and ask me for an interview.
The result of the combination of these two people knowing each other and the visit of Matt in Sweden is readable here: welcome to Bavabici HQ

“Bavabici has redefined the idea of a bike shop and crafted a new concept of personalized bike builds by doing so in a bedroom/living room/kitchen.” that’s right!