Lots of news and restock!

Finally, some new stuff in the shop. And some serious sun outside!

PDW restock of almost everything, so if you were waiting for something from them check it up it should be there. Some news also. The Dave’s shovel mud for fat bikes. Well they came in, disappeared in 2 days but we wait for new restock soon, and after that they will be in stock hopefully. More fenders:finally in Sweden Full Metall Fendersboth wide and narrow (23mm tires), if you really want your ass to be saved ..

Cinelli! Some restock på t-shirts and caps and some new design. Check up the Wolf t-shirt, the star socks and the MASH wallet!

Spring is here folk!

News on the website!

News on the website!

Chris King Service

As you may have noticed on my Instagram and my Facebook page I visited the Chris King facility on Nela Street in Portland november 2013.

It was a real pleasure but beside that I also followed tech for some day to be able to help my customer with their Chris King products.

These means that if you buy an hub from BAVABICI you get your first service for free after 6 months or after 12 months depending on how much you use the hub on a daily basis.

All you have to do is to cost the shipping back and forth and if you live in Stockholm you just come by of course, we do not want to pollute the planet more than we need right? that’s also one of the reason why we use Chris King products. High end products last. We serve them and they long even longer.

If you invest in a Chris King hub (or a bottom bracket or a headset) you probably don’t need me to convince you about the quality. Once King always King, we usually say. You will feel the difference. What I would like to push a little extra for is to buy the tools for serving your stuff. In the long run it’s gonna be worth it and there is no better way to spend a lonely night (or a night with your best bike buddies) cleaning up a Chris King hub. Ok, I know I exaggerate but I am sure many of you do think so.

If there is request for that I will have classes in the future so you learn how to use the tool the right way. I stock right now most of the spare parts for the hubs so don’t hesitate to ask.

Chris King hub service @bavabici

Chris King hub service @bavabici

PDW Full Metal Fenders in stock!

I have lots of different fenders in stock, many are from PDW but I have never ordered Full Metal Fenders as I am not a fan of fenders that you cannot easily take away. But after one month in Portland I was hooked: those fenders rocks! and i was waiting for the big ones and now you can choose between 30mm for road bikes and 45mm for CX, Easy to install they are like a rock. They will protect you perfectly from all bad weather and you know what they look good too!

Only 5 of each in stock, grab them before they are gone.


Do you need to start planning for l’Eroica?

Yes you do! And the draw is open. Enter into the lottery for a place in this year’s L’Eroica. It started on the 3rd of february. And it will close soon. If you are a girl or over 60 you will be able to get your ticket until june. You may have the right bike but maybe you need the right wool jersey to match! Right now there is a choice of 6 vintage jersey online on shop.bavabici.com, be quick before they are gone. Only one of each.

Vintage Jersey

Vintage Jersey

Happy New Bike Year 2014

Well so this it. 2013 has come to an end and as everybody else we think back and forward. I must say that I am not a fan of Christmas but there is something special about a new year to come. But what happen last year?

It actually started really bad, I wanted so bad attend NAHBS in Denver but I couldn’t make it so it started with a big disappointment but then Cyklism Stockholm at Magnolia started and it came out as a really nice project and i think we all had a lot of fun and a good start for the season.

Cyklism Stockholm ended with a great alleycat and two months later BAVABICI first pop up store in Stockholmopened på Tjärhovsgatan in the south of Stockholm. It was small, it was a shared space, it was weird with vintage children clothing and bike stuff but we had a blast and a lot of customers. Old and new!

After a wonderful Eurobike end of august we had one more month in Tjärhovsgatan and the big decision was taken: Portland next! Not only because I have always wanted to visit the”world’s bike capital” but also because some of my favorite brands are located in Portland and I must say it ws the best decision ever!

The whole november was dedicated to study the bike culture of Portland and that gave me a lot of new energy, inspiration and knowledge. One of the biggest goal for my trip was a visit to Chris King and I was so impressed by the facility! I also visited my friends at Portland Design Works and found new brands to show in Sweden.

From being a total fixed gear person I can clearly see that 2014 will be the year of the gear for BAVABICI, truly and hopefully on a cyclocross. I’m having my eyes on a Hole Shot from Breadwinner with all Chris King you can think of!

Next year is already full of nice bike projects, so looking forward! Happy New Year and thanks to everybody that in some way helped BAVABICI to stay put and grow, see you next year!

Breadwinner Hole Shot

Breadwinner Hole Shot

Merry Christmas!

So this is it, Christmas is here soon and this is the last weekend. The post office is not delivering in time so no more free shipping.Bavabici has a lot “cooking on” at the moment and I do not mean in the kitchen. A lot of good good news for 2014, it’s going to be a great bike year, I can easily promise you! Sign up for BAVABICI newsletter and follow me on Facebook and Instagram and you will know what happen! Until then I take some days off, back “in business” beginning of jan but of course always answering questions, emails and phone calls, just out of town for a few days.So no shipping.

I would like to thanks all my fans and supporters that has helped BAVABICI to grow under 2013! I would also like to thank my brands: Chris King, White Industries, Mission Workshop and DZR shoes for a great 2013 and a special big big thank to Portland and everybody there that gave me the energy I needed to keep on fighting for a better bike culture in Sweden! THANKS PORTLAND!

Simona Bava(bici)

Simona Bava(bici)

Picture by Cecile Everett

Cinelli for Xmas!

An early Xmas present from BAVABICI, 40% off all Cinelli frames in stock. Only pick up in Stockholm no shipping. Please call +46 73 183 3737 or email info@bavabici.com if you have any question. For sizes and modells in stock please check shop.bavabici.com Valid until 16 dec. 2103

40% discount on all Cinelli frames in stock!

40% discount on all Cinelli frames in stock!

Newsletter and Xmas wishlist

If you have signed up for BAVABICI newsletter you should have got one yesterday. If not you can read it here.

Now it’s all about Xmas. I am not a big fan myself but it’s nice to be off work and ride right? Myself I will close all shipping for the first time from the 20th of december to the 6th of januari. I have learned last year that to shp something after the 15-16th of december is the same as not getting it before Xmas. So if you are a smart planner you buy your present as soon as possible. And to make you wanna do that I offer free shipping until the 15th of december. And you can get the gift wrapped if you just let me know. I love to wrap presents!

If you need any tip you can check my Xmas Wishlist on shop.bavabici.com. Or you send me an email and tell me who is going to get the present and I can give you some ideas.

Xmas is here soon!

Xmas is here soon!

Portland bike shops

I have been here now for 10 days and I am still impressed by the bike shops. The range of products, the level of quality, the service you get, all of that is never to be found in Sweden. All bike shops offer a stand you can use, tools, air, help, coffe, not to mention, parking, safety and everything you need. You can find so many brands but still the level is so high you get thrilled.

I love also the way shops helps each other. As i noticed in SF last year you never get the answer ” no no idea” as you get in Sweden when a shop doesn’t offer what you are looking for. They call, show you maps, go online: they do everything they can to make you satisfied, which is great service.

I also love to you can go the major bike shops just to hang out with geeks like yourself. Have a coffe, read some magazine, chat with somebody. Very nice way to meet people. All bike shops, and i really mean ALL offer also free maps of the bike lanes system and that’s great if you are a tourist.

I have visited around 10 shops, if I wanna see them all I still have 55 ;)

River City Bikes, Portland OR

River City Bikes, Portland OR