BAVABICI closed 16/12 to 5/2

Please notice that the webshop is closed (due to my trip to Portland) during period 16th December 2016 to 5th February 2017

No orders will be shipped during this period but i will answer all emails and if you order something i will refund you the money (unless you want to book an item and you are ok that i ship it when i get back.

Happy holiday to you all, see you next year!

BTW if you wanna see what i am up to in Portland follow BAVABICI on Instagram! And if you are looking for something special from Chris King let me know and i will take it back to Sweden.



Back in business!

So BAVABICI online shop is open again after a short summer break and all orders will be shipped as soon as possible. Most of you are still on vacation and i wish you nice weather and lots of riding!

So what’s going on in the bike world?

The ECMC 2016 just ended in Copenhagen. Our Niklas Barklund got a 9th position and we wish him the best inWCMC in Paris quite soon. Happy to see a lot of girls from Stockholm too. The famous group Cats Sthlm was represented and a new group ladies Cats Göteborg just started.


The famous Sveriges Tempo has reached  international status as a 3 persons team joined and The Radavist plus Ertzui Films followed them trough the whole ride. Erik Nohlin (originally swedish but living in SF, USA and working for Specialized) teamed up with an american girl and another swedish guy. To read the whole story head to The Radavist. Maybe you get inspiration for next year competition!

Tour de France. You followed on TV so i don’t need to say much just that for 5 years in a row the winner is riding Chris King R45 hub on his bike. Hint.

The Transcontinental Race see a very well known Stockholm profile in the bike world Max and his friend Adam are doing it, quite impressive i would say! if you want to follow their ride you can follow them on the Transcontinental web page. They use a tracker rental but you can also follow them on instagram their tag is #TSRNo4P211 #tsrno4p211 i don’t think capitals matter but just in case.

Coming soon: EUROBIKE!

If you want to see a lot of pictures of the upcoming new things in the bike world you can follow Bavabici on Instagram and facebook for daily updates.



BAVABICI opening hours week 23

mon 06/03 open 12-18
tue 06/04 open 12-18
wed 06/05 open 12-18
thu 06/06 closed, meeting Ines Brunn, check her out here!
fri driving to Gothenburg med Ines for the bike festival you should be there too!

sat & sun BIKE FESTIVAL Gothenburg. For more information on Gothenburg bike festival click here.

Göteborg Cykelfestival 2013

BAVABICI Pop-Up Store Stockholm

From next week you will be able to see BAVABICI stuff in a shop in Stockholm. We will share a shop with one of the nicest (if not the nicest!) vintage clothing shop for kids in Sweden.
The adress is Tjärhovsgatan 19 and it is in the south of town near the well know SOFO. The shop is called UNDER and we will help each other which means I may not be there all the time so to be sure please check on the news or on our facebook, every monday we will publish which hours it will be open but the idea is monday, wednesday, friday 12-18 to start with. Sometimes we will have open on saturday and sundays too depending on demand. You are need to know and you need it now? just give us a call 073 183 3737 and we will tell you!

bavabici goes under

Bavabici goes Under: Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm

Un giro di sporco sud

We have two beautiful race in Sweden that not many knows about. Everybody knows about Vätternrunda: thousand and thousand of people riding half awake around a lake, starting in the middle of the night. More then 300 km, kind of a test for many. I’m not that much into racing with thousand of people so I rather attend the small race. My two picks are Tour de Retard and Un giro di sporco sud.

Tour de Retard is one year in Gothenburg, one year somewhere else. 100 km of mud, gravel, roots and quite uphill sometimes. Second week in februari.
Un Giro di sporco sud is in Malmö. 100 km asphalt and some gravel. Not so uphill. End of april. Every year.

The nice part of these races is the social one. It’s max 100 people. Some race, some take it easy. At the end we all have a beer. In between we have lunch, snacks, talks, chats. Still. A lot of riding.

This year Un giro di sporco sud was epic, 15 degrees, wonderful blue sky, 100 happy people, 100 beautiful bikes.

Next year, don’t miss it, it’s worth all efforts. Oh, i forgot. Only one gear.

Un giro di sporco sud 2013

Un giro di sporco sud 2013

Cyklism Sthlm, last day

It has been a very busy month, and a awesome one. But today is the last day for Cyklism Sthlm. If you want to see what is all about you can watch a movie on vimeo and you follow Cyklism Sthlm on Facebook you can see lots of pictures of what we have done.

Today is the last chance to hang with us/me and chat, get inspired and buy the things we are showing. But of course this is not the last time you see Cyklism Sthlm! We really hope somebody will offer us a new place to stay for a while and spread the word!

In the meantime you can follow BAVABICI and get all latest information about nice bike stuff and all buzz! see you on the bike!


Cyklism Sthlm