Un giro di sporco sud

We have two beautiful race in Sweden that not many knows about. Everybody knows about Vätternrunda: thousand and thousand of people riding half awake around a lake, starting in the middle of the night. More then 300 km, kind of a test for many. I’m not that much into racing with thousand of people so I rather attend the small race. My two picks are Tour de Retard and Un giro di sporco sud.

Tour de Retard is one year in Gothenburg, one year somewhere else. 100 km of mud, gravel, roots and quite uphill sometimes. Second week in februari.
Un Giro di sporco sud is in Malmö. 100 km asphalt and some gravel. Not so uphill. End of april. Every year.

The nice part of these races is the social one. It’s max 100 people. Some race, some take it easy. At the end we all have a beer. In between we have lunch, snacks, talks, chats. Still. A lot of riding.

This year Un giro di sporco sud was epic, 15 degrees, wonderful blue sky, 100 happy people, 100 beautiful bikes.

Next year, don’t miss it, it’s worth all efforts. Oh, i forgot. Only one gear.

Un giro di sporco sud 2013

Un giro di sporco sud 2013