Freight Baggage

Freigth Baggage is a wonderful little company based in San Francisco, CA. Travis (the man behind the bags) is a very nice person that has been working as a messenger for many many years. Since start 2005 Freight has been THE messenger bag/rolltop for couriers all over the world. In Stockholm almost all the boys and girls at Ryska Posten use one daily to transport almost everything.
If you are interested in Freight rolltops and would like to order one trough BAVABICI you need to think that everything is custom done and it takes time and when you eventually will get your bag you will understand why.

At BAVABICI we stock their ssmall and large hip pack, the phone holster and the road soda. Please contact BAVABICI if you want to know more about Freight Baggage and their bags.

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Gift Ideas

Well , it’s not easy to get the right present sometimes. Maybe your best friend wants a new bike but he/she hasn’t made up his mind yet so why not give a gift card? You can choose different amounts and your friend can choose what they want when they need it. If you want a BAVABICI Gift Card, just click here!

But mybe (like me) you think gift cards are quite boring. Well, then you can email us or call us (+46 73 183 3737) and we will be more then happy to help you. Merry Xmas, it’s only few days left!



Chris King News

Yes, we have some new stuff from Chris King, just in time for the holidays. Do you have a friend you usually ride and drink beer with? the perfect gift will be a Chris King pint glas, a limited edition they made for Eurobike 2012 now available at BAVABICI. But if your passion is bikes and coffe instead? don’t worry, Chris King love coffe and that’s why they made their own espresso cups with the symbol of a headset print in a happy red color. You don’t drink beer, you don’t like coffe and you need a wonderful cheer me up present for yourself? well, myself I would choose the mango SS hub, the sexiest hub I’ve ever seen!

chris king espresso cup

BAVABICI Xmas Special

BAVABICI Xmas Special

From the first of December to the 20th of December it’s free shipping (only Sweden) and free returns until the 15th of January 2013.

If you write that it is a present we pack it in as a present and send you the receipt by email only.
Every package will also get free stickers.

BAVABICI wish you merry xmas!

BAVABICI wish you merry xmas!