Look mum no hands!

Now you can buy Look Mum No Hands World Champion espresso cups and mugs at BAVABICI. Well, of course it is much nicer to visit them and have a coffe in London and buy them there but if you need a nice present for your coffe drinking bike nerd friend or you want to drink your morning coffe with style and you are not in London you have BAVABICI, always with the nicest stuff from all over the world. And after your coffe put a nice LMNH cap on and go for a ride!

LMNH espresso cup

LMNH espresso cup

Re-stock PDW and new items

Now it is filled up with Portland Design Works. Check out their Origami Fender Front. Many have asked me for a front fender. I have PDW Sodapop fenders easy to use, not expensive, durable and green but I was looking for something to match the origami fenders from Full Windsor. So if you want a front fender easy to take away when it is not raining try the new Origami Fender Front. Lightwieght, easy to install and quick to put away. Full restock of tools, bells, cup holders and the great Mac Schnell googles Mac Schnell googles[/caption]

MOTO Urban Pedals

Something new. A very thin wood pedal that weights only 300 g a pair and makes you feel you have two very small skateboards. Ali has been riding BMX for ages and he is the guy behind these new pedals.
He presented them at ISPO this summer and won a prize for most innovative products, and yes they are innovative.

BAVABICI likes them and now I have them on my Bullitt as it is the bike I usually do not use clip pedals on. SO this morning I changed my Fyxation Gates with strap to a pair of MOTO.

Let’s see how they cope with the swedish winter and in a month or so I will tell you what I think. You want to try a pair yourself? just go ahead for my webshop and get your own!

For more technical information please check here.

MOTO Urban Pedals

MOTO Urban Pedals

Re-stock PDW tool and new fenders

I like Portland Design Works. I like their clean and innovative design, the way they present their products, how easy they are to use. When they introduce a product it’s not only a new product, you can see that they have been thinking of all aspects. Now, the Sodapop are not a new product but they are not like all the fenders out there. They are made from 97% post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. They are easy to put on and easy to take off. Nice and clean design. I took the Sodapop in for all of you that have been asking for a front and rear fender. These are the best I could find on the market in my opinion. They are also not very expensive so why not give it a try?

BAVABICI has also re-stocked the much loved 3wrencho™ (Coated): your best buddy when you have a flat. Easy to have in your tool bag, it removes 15mm axle nuts and can pry tires off of rims.


PDW restock