Restock and news

Big restock from Cinelli! now all handlebar are in stock in black: Pepper, Wand, Lola. New stem from MASH and restock Vai and ANT.

New products from PDW! a new mini pump Shiny Object and fenders for your Fat Bike!

These are the big news, but we have also got in stock other small news like Cinelli mug, Columbus patches, and much more! head to for all the news.

Bavabici also build complete bikes as you want them, we can get you all CInelli frames and help you to build a very nice baby, check how happy Niklas is with his new Cinelli Vigorosa!

Happy customer with his new Cinelli Vigorosa.

Happy customer with his new Cinelli Vigorosa.

May news

So much stuff coming in stock and so much sun outside!
Cinelli restock plus lots of news, check up the website for all details.
New awesome bidons from Embrocation, if you love coffe, bikes and Giro d’Italia these are for you! Lots of other stuff from Embrocation also, gloves, t-shirts, socks.
Carrera foldable helmets are getting quite popular, restock of black.
Summer gloves, vintage look, you can have them in the vego version too, and by the way now we have a new category VEGAN on the website.
Thick Slick restock! now foldable (so we can shi them everywhere) red logo, only 248 g
Mission Workshop Acre MTB hydration pack in stock and also a special edition of the Sanction which is sold out everywhere, check it up it’s really special!
DZR shoe kind of a restock, Strasse, Cove, Tosca. More to come.

Ride hard, summer is short, enjoy!

Unicanitor Cinelli

Unicanitor Cinelli

Lots of news and restock!

Finally, some new stuff in the shop. And some serious sun outside!

PDW restock of almost everything, so if you were waiting for something from them check it up it should be there. Some news also. The Dave’s shovel mud for fat bikes. Well they came in, disappeared in 2 days but we wait for new restock soon, and after that they will be in stock hopefully. More fenders:finally in Sweden Full Metall Fendersboth wide and narrow (23mm tires), if you really want your ass to be saved ..

Cinelli! Some restock på t-shirts and caps and some new design. Check up the Wolf t-shirt, the star socks and the MASH wallet!

Spring is here folk!

News on the website!

News on the website!

More Cinelli

Now we have more Cinelli in stock! A Cinelli SSXC 2013 size M and a Vigorelli 2013 size 54 arrive today together with a very bling bling edition of Lola, Peppar and the Cinelli seatpost. CHeck it all out in the webshop! The gold edition is one of the kind and you can only find it on ebay, get it at the right price and without bidding on

Cinelli Gold

Cinelli gold

CInelli Vigorosa Vigorelli 2013 PINK

We can now offer the US special edition of the Vigorelli 2013 which is a nice oppurtunity to get a very special frame, a one shot. Buy it for yourself or make your girlfriend/boyfriend happy!

To book your own and be sure to get one in september please contact BAVABICI or just give us a call and we will be happy to tell you everything about it!

Cinelli Vigorelli Vigorosa PINK US Ltd  2013

Cinelli Vigorelli Vigorosa PINK US Ltd 2013

Cinelli News in the shop

Oh yeah, more Cinelli! I love it. This time a beautiful and affordable steel frame Gazzetta Track in two classic colors: bel rosso e bel nero, nice red and nice black.

Build it vegan with the new vegan tape and the coolab between DZR and Cinelli KINKS Straps made of eco leather, both black or brown. Cinelli 2013 is in town and the stock is not big so hurry up and be the first!

cinelli straps 1

Cinelli + DZR straps

Ghisallo Wooden Rims

We met at Eurobike. We are both italians. We both love bikes. So. It was meant to happen. Ghisallo was founded in 1940 and have been operating with success in the wooden bicycle rims business for well on three generations now. In 2003, the business was taken over by Giovanni’s son, Antonio: the third generation devoted to continuing the “CERCHI GHISALLO” wooden rims traditions. The current production range has expanded and now offers a wider range of accessories and other wooden items such as mudguards, chaincases, pack and carry racks.

BAVABICI will represent Ghisallo in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.