1. Who is BAVABICI?

BAVABICI is one person so far, Simona Bava. Italian born girl with a passion for bikes, design and innovative thinking.

2. Does BAVABICI has a shop i can visit?

Well not really. Some times i can organize a pick up somewhere but otherwise right now is only online.

3. Do you sell outside Sweden?

Yes I do! The postage is of course a bit more expensive and so far we ship only to EU and Norway. If you live somewhere else please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.

4. I want to sell some of the brands BAVABICI represent what do I do?

That’s very easy! Just drop me an email at info@bavabici.com or call +46 73 183 37 37 so we can talk about it.

5. I am a bike shop, where can I find your price lists?

Just send me an email confirming you are a shop and tell me what you need and I will send it to you.

A box to Tallinn.

Specialized Concept Store in Tallinn does it.