BAVABICI closed 16/12 to 5/2

Please notice that the webshop is closed (due to my trip to Portland) during period 16th December 2016 to 5th February 2017

No orders will be shipped during this period but i will answer all emails and if you order something i will refund you the money (unless you want to book an item and you are ok that i ship it when i get back.

Happy holiday to you all, see you next year!

BTW if you wanna see what i am up to in Portland follow BAVABICI on Instagram! And if you are looking for something special from Chris King let me know and i will take it back to Sweden.



FINDRA finally in Sweden

and of course on

As you may remember i found Findra at Eurobike. I loved the feeling of the clothing all made in super soft merino wool (safe merino spun in Italy) all made in Britain and with very nice special details. As an example they are seamless which make them very very comfy! also they look so good that they have become my favourite clothing right now. I use almost every day the Caddon cowl neck with the arm warmers and the neck warmer on my commute. If it’s warmer when i ride home i take off the arm warmers.

I have now a very little stock just to see if my customers like Findra as much as i do. If you have any questions please email and i will be happy to give you more details.